Easter Bonnet
11th April 2012

Easter Bonnet Competition – 11 April 2012

So Easter has arrived, I don’t know about you but it’s snuck up on me. I must say that all the bonnets were very impressive with ribbons tied, feathers flying and rabbits hopping, it was all happening this Easter weekend. As the people came into Redford Caravan Parks County Club, carrying their bags containing the mystery bonnets, both children and adults were starting to get excite about the event to unfold.

First we had the children’s competition the handmade hats were amazing, and we all could see a lot of time and effort had gone in to them, I suspect that the parents had a lot of fun with their children creating the these pieces of work. With all these beautiful entries the judges hard time picking between them, it was impossible to choose, all the entries were so good that we awarded each a prize of a chocolate Easter egg.

Then came the adults competition with flowers galore out of all the entries our judges somehow managed to whittle it down to 3 lucky winners.  First place was Barbara Reece second prize went to Hannah Christopher and the third lucky winner was Ann Gateley, these lucky winners all won an Easter egg each.

I can’t wait to see what our campers come up with for the Best Jubilee Crown Competition in June.

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