Rules & General Information

Rules & General Information
Updated 25/11/18
1. Please only play ball games in the big field in the valley.
2. Please do not park on the grass.
3. No kites to be flown on the park.
4. Please do not ride bikes on the grass.
5. Please note that CTTV cameras are in operation on the park 24/7. Please see our CCTV and Media policy on our website.
6. Please note any official photos taken maybe used for marketing purposes. Please see our CCTV and Media policy on our website.
7. All sheds must be constructed from a non-flammable material.
8. Only one car per caravan all extra cars to be parked on the club or valley car parks.
9. All vans / campers etc. to be parked on the car parks with prior permission from the management.
10. A deposit is required for your caravan park fees, if the deposit is not received by its due date we reserve the right to remove the caravan and you will be charged a disconnection fee.
11. It is the responsibility of the caravan owner to keep their respective pitches and surrounding area in a clean and tidy condition the management reserve the right to tidy any neglected pitch. (A charge will be made for this service)
12. All caravans & decking must be kept in a clean and tidy condition and in a good state of repair.
13. No fires are allowed in the vicinity of the caravans.
14. All dogs must be kept on a lead at all times, except in the doggy play park or within a secure decking. Please clean up after your dog.
15. Refuge skips are for household rubbish only. Garden refuse etc. is to be disposed of as directed by the park management.
16. No articles of any description to be stored permanently underneath the caravan.
17. Pitches are not transferable; any caravan sold privately is to be removed from the park within seven days. A disconnection charge is made for all caravans leaving the park, this charge must be paid before any caravan leaves the park.
18. Outside contractors or tradesmen are not allowed to operate on the park without the direct permission of the management.
19. Radio / T.V. etc. must be kept at a reasonable noise level at all times so as not to offend neighbours.
20. All parties must cease at 11.00 pm.
21. Unfortunately no tents or boats allowed on the park, except for canoes or kayaks.
22. No dogs are allowed in the pool area please.
23. Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied in the pool area at all times by an adult. It is not recommended that anyone use the pool on their own.
24. All fees are non-refundable. Redford Caravan Park Ltd Refund policy is available on our website.
25. All bills must be paid on time.
26. It is the responsibility of the caravan owner to read all policy’s a copy of which can be found on our website.
27. For health and safety reasons please only visit unannounced during the season.
28. Gas bottles are available from reception and all 47kg bottles are to be purchased through the park. We do not allow you to bring your own gas on to the park and if you are found doing so you will be asked to leave the park.
29. Use of all the on park amenities is at your own risk and Redford Caravan Park ltd is not responsible for any injury loss or damage to property or yourselves.
Static caravans
30. Decking must be no wider than 6ft at any point and a minimum of 3.5 meters is to be kept between the outer edge of a veranda and the next Caravan, Redford Caravan Park must give prior approval to all new structures, additions or alterations.
31. All verandas must have a membrane and stone underneath.
32. If you decided to leave Redford Caravan Park Ltd disconnection charges may apply.
33. Private subletting is allowed only on static caravans but a service charge will be made if we hand out keys or do any maintenance.
34. All static caravans are to be insured. If you have not purchased caravan insurance through Redford Caravan park Ltd you must provide an insurance certificate to the park. Handling fees may apply.
Touring caravans
35. Awnings are permitted on Redford Caravan Park Ltd, it is down to caravan owner to maintain the awning and strim around the area.
36. All awnings are erected at the caravan owners own risk.
37. All touring caravans must unplug there electric when they leave the caravan after their stay.